Chest of Drawers
Folk Art Portrait of Child
Carved Navajo Portrait
Hobo Painting
Milkglass Ambrotype
Miniature Portrait
Pharmacy Ambrotype
Oil on Canvas Painting
Carved and Painted Chain
Carved Stone Dove
Abe Lincoln Peach Pit
Ambrotype With Drakes Bitters
Tintype With Antlers
Beaded Pillow
Toleware Tray With Bird
Black Madame Doll
Bluebeards Wives
Canary Mug
Sarony Cabinet Photo
Carved Wooden Man
Post Mortem Dag
Carved Dog Head
Carved Eagle Plaque
Daguerreotype Girl
Eskimo Basket
Confederate Flag Photo
Grain Painted Frames
Charlie Berger Gang
Hawaiian Photo Pin
Hemlock Apothecary Bottle
Lady Head Violin Scroll
Tintype of Sign Language Inventor Gallaudet
WWI Prussian Helmet
Rabbits Plate
Sailor Woor Shell Box
Large Wooden Gear
Carved Marble Book
Folk Art Painting of Dog
Redware Rundlet
Carved Head
Carved Black Man's Head
Two Faced Bell Toy
Large Rag Rug
Wrought Iron Rush Light
Early Iron Chopper
Early Chalkware Sitting Fox
Early US Presidents Print
Early Print of Washington Family
Large Watercolor Painting
Trench Art Cup
Small Stone Head
Jointed Wooden Hand
Currrier & Ives Miniature Ship
Currier & Ives Central Park
Lidded Indian Basket
Fun and Folky Carved Wooden Rooster
Large Blue Swing Handle Basket
Carved Pipestone Book
Crochet 48 Star Flag
19th Century Tin Candle Holder
Outstanding Folk Art Carved Couple
Folk Art Box Inlaid Harry