Pottery House Bank
Glazed Pottery Bust
Miniature Pottery Churn
Maine Pottery Pitcher
Pottery Head Bank
Spatterware Plate
Pair of White Washed Pottery Vases
Stoneware Childs Face
Great Glazed Pitcher
Decorated Redware Bowl
Blackware Pottery Portrait
Middle Tennessee Jug
Marked Yellowware Coffee Pot
Early Stoneware Jar
Glazed Pottery Ashtray
Sewer Tile Shoe
Stoneware Spaniel Mold
Redware Bowl With Portrait
Great Folk Art Pottery Vase
Pueblo Pottery Candle Holder
Early Wide Mouth Pottery Vase
Great Blue Speckled Stoneware Whiskey Jug
Beautiful 19th Century Yellowware Pitcher
Maker Marked Yellowware Foot Warmer