Turned Wood Pin Cushion
Apache Olla Basket
Carved Marble Sheep
Large Blue Swing Handle Basket
Native American Cornhusk Basket
Mini Green Basket
Red Painted Treen Box
Orange and Red Basket
Carved Wood Fraternal Parade Pick
Iron Lincoln Bust
Outstanding Butter Mold
Birdseye Maple Box
Windmill Whirligig
Burl Maple Goblet
Great Masonic Knife Box
Carved Small Man's Head
Maple Boot Jack
Carved Wooden Brush
Carved Woman's Head
Branding Iron
Lidded Indian Basket
Early Tin Wedding Anniversary Tankard
Carved Marble Dog Toothpick Holder
Miniature Maple Bucket
Cast Iron Abe Lincoln Plaque
Early Chalkware Rabbit
Square Indian Basket
Carved Jack Tar Head
Odd Fellows Parade Standard
Carved Marble Doorstop
Painted Wooden Dumbbells
Carved Wooden Cherub Plaque
Large Carved Stone Figure
Unusual Basket Dipper
Carved Horseshoe Cane
Fantastic Folk Art Decorated Chair
Folk Art Canes
Miniature Blue Basket
Birch Bark Shade
Carved Horse Head
Colorful Painted Firkin
Chalkware Dog
Roman Soldier Whirligig
Miniature Green Basket
Inlaid Box
Mini Wool Drying Basket
Tin Wedding Anniversary Mold
Miniature Decoy
Folk Art Calipurs
Folk Art Marble Clock
Leather Washers Cane
Odd Fellows Bee Skep
Miniature White Basket
Buffalo Illinois Sign
Red Painted Treenware Mug
Folk Art Carved Charms
Folk Art Elephant Bookends
Barber Pole
Mini Indian Basket
Painted Wood Mashers
Group of Odd Fellows Collars
Multi Colored Footed Basket
Carved Soapstone Soap Dish
Unusual Native American Indian Basket
Large Carved Stone Figure
Miniature Indian Basket
Carved Stone Bird Figure
Sailor Made Coconut Cup
Folk Art Peacock
Carved and Painted Corbel
Miniature Painted Artist Palet
Early 19th Century Theorem on Velvet
Carved Horn Canoe Cup
19th Century Carved Indian
Horn Snuff Box
Coconut Dipper Cup
Folk Art Wood Plane
Carved Lady Portrait
Apache Basket Compote
Tortoise Shell Opener
1876 Peaseware Container
Early Wooden Glove Stretcher
Sand Painting in a Bottle
Carved and Painted Wooden Tooth
Tin House Bank
Donut / Bisquit Cutter
Early Toleware Spice Tin
Tin Wall Mirror
Toleware Spice Tin with Bird
Ships Figurehead Pocket Knife
Great Egret Confidence Decoy
Hand Carved Wooden Dog
Naval Emblems Embroidery
Child Size Basket
Small Scrimshaw Busk
Paint Decorated Personalized Firken
Wrought Iron Folk Art Cleaver
Sunflower People Fan
Carved Wooden Hippo
Wooden Folk Art Boat
Large Carved Maple Fork
Great Golden Eye Duck Decoy
Nice Birchbark Box
Small Carved Stone Head
Fun and Folky Carved Wooden Rooster
Folk Art Pastry Cutter
Early 19th Century Tin Lamp Filler
Bear Handle Carved Wooden Cane
Folk Art Red Head Duck Decoy
Great 19th Century Copper Lamp Filler
Mid 20th Century Burl Maple Bowl
Pair of Paint Decorated Butter Paddles
Carved Dated 1902 Stone Paperweight
19th Century Paint Decorated Box
Unusual Anniversary Tin Basket
19th Century Miniature Basket
19th Century Wire Dog Muzzle
Early Alaska Souvenir Moccasins
Wonderful Folk Art Carved Horses
Folk Art Carved Lion
Miniature Painted Canoe Paddle
Outstanding Folk Art Carved Couple
19th Century Sailors Ropework Shoe
Old Baldy Folk Art Sawshark Bill
Carved Pipestone Book
Carved and Painted Wooden Parrot
Folk Art Wooden Pistols
19th Century Carved Wooden Raven
Carved and Painted Dog Figure
Miniature Windmill Whirlygig
Wooden Native American Duck Effigy
Articulated Fisherman Whirlygig
Carved Catlinite Tomahawk
19th Century Two Tiered Shelf
Folk Art Box Inlaid Harry
Red Stained Treenware Box
Signed Eskimo Carved Penguin Figure
Early 19th Century Cherry Burl Bowl
19th Century Wrought Iron Hearth Hook
Carved Bog Shoe With Human Features
Miniature Windmill Whirlygig
Late 19th Century Copper Strained
Mid 20th Century Indian Beaded Wallet
19th Century Treenware Pulley Device
Three Cloth Folk Art Dolls
Awesome 19 Foot Long Hooked Rug
Early Silhouette in Smoke Grained Frame
Early 19th Century Schoolgirl Pasteboard Box
Early 20TH Century Carved Wooden Female Figure
Early 19th Century Schoolgirl Pasteboard Box
Early 20th Century Carved Parrot Figure
19th Century Hand Forged Fishing Gaff
Classic Early 19th Century Tin Candle Sconce
19th Century Folk Art Carved Treen Dipper
Orange & Green Folk Art Painted Bench
Early 19th Century Burl Pipe Bowl
Original Ochre & Red Painted Basket
19th Century Penobscot Indian Club
Unusual 19th Century Carved Burl Stretcher
Large Pr 19th Century Lead Pigeon Figures
Miniature 19th Century Totem Pole
Small Fan Carved Wall Box
Covered Treenware Cup
Articulated Tin Man
Mid 20th Century Bird Whirlygig
Mid 20th Century Bird Whirlygig
Wrought Iron Heart Handle Clamp
 Shirred Rag Rug
Early 1800's Wrought Iron Hook
Early Paint Decorated Box
19th C Toleware Tin Scoop
Hand Carved Wood Drill Bits
19th CenturyPainted Tin Scoop
Early Punched Star Tin Lantern
Folk Art State Liberty Carving
Dated 1909 Indian Portrait
Sailor Made Box
Early Chip Carved Mirror
Early Woven Wallet
Wrought Iron Stand
Turned Wood Pin Cushion
Folk Art Carved Wood Eagle
Folk Art Residence Farm Painting
Folk Art Residence Farm Painting
Folk Art Residence Farm Painting
Pr Large Acorn Drop Finials
Carved and Painted Folk Art Toy
Nice Ca 1930's Ship Weathervane
Pair of Early Tin Candle Sconces
Early 19th Century Bottle Trade Sign
19th Century Make Do Pin Cushion
Early Cast Iron Star
Early Tinsmith Made Basket
Early Blown Glass Beer Mug
Large Wooden Masher
19th Century Carved Powder Horn
Carved Eagle With Original Paint
Pyrography Folk Art Box With Hearts
Signed Carved Folk Art Magpie Bird
Small Concrete Owl Figure
Ca 1850's Copper Cupola
Outsider Art Cowboy Figure
George Winters Carved American Eagle