Blown Glass Lamp
Patented Federal Doorstop
Pair Eagle Doorstops
George Washington Bust
Eagle Decorated Pot
Ivory Violin Tailpiece
Treenware Masher
19th Century Tin Candlestick
Threaded Blown Glass Tumbler
Brass Teapot
Enameled Iron Doorstop
Blown Glass 24 Rib Pitcher
Iron and Brass Skimmer
George Washington Notepad
Blown Glass Vase
Early Copper Teapot
Early Cobalt Blue Paneled Glass Tumbler
Whale Oil Lamp
Wrought Iron Skimmer
Copper Hearts Candle Display
Early Pressed Glass Inkwell
18th Century Copper Mug
Wrought Iron Ember Tongs
Blown Glass Bottle W/Applied Handle
Odd Fellows Grave Marker
Pewter Chest of Drawers Bank
Town Marked Copper Measure
Tiger Maple Rolling Pin
Small Eagle Pediment Mirror
Early Turned Wooden Darner
Paint Decorated Darner
Wrought Iron Latch Lock
Early Seminole Indian Doll
Carrie Nations Ax
Seminole Indian Doll
19th Century Stuffed Hummingbird Display
Small 19th Century Wall Box
Wrought Iron Ember Tongs
Tin Oil Finger Lamp
Turned Wood Barrel Display
Ribbed Wooden Finial
Small Maker Marked AFB Copper Teapot
Early 19th Century Signed Betty Lamp
Late 18th Century American Copper Glue Pot
Cast Iron Fish Stove Lid Lifter
Large Early Blown Glass Pitcher
Alfred Evans Philadelphia Napoleon Jug
Early Brass Pie Crimper
Bent Wire Mitten Stretcher
Tin Pint Measure
19th Century Copper Chalice
Cast Iron Bird Handle
Mid 19th Century Brass Doorstop
Cast Iron "Human Face" Pulley
19th Century Brass Ember Tongs
Tin Quart Measure
Early Wrought Iron Tongs
19th Century Double Extending Candleholder
19th Century LF Mazzetti Tin Food Mold
19th Century Bullseye Glass Leaded Panel
Small 19th Century Blown Glass Beer Mug
Patriotic Pillow Cover